Petworth Vision illuminates the views and aspirations of the communities of Petworth and uncovers a common vision for the future. Combining the strength of local consensus with robust fund raising, Petworth Vision an action group driven toward achieving results in Petworth. Find out how you can get involved…




Like many other rural market towns throughout the UK, Petworth is affected by social and economic change. Significantly it is the change in retail behaviour, new forms of retail and different consumer expectations, which reflect most on a town’s character and prosperity. In addition, society is more mobile than it was fifty years ago, so today a small rural town like Petworth will be in competition with neighbouring towns instead of being able to co-exist happily as it may have done in the past.

Petworth Vision represents the aspirations of the local community and its aims to improve the town centre both in terms of how attractive it is to visitors and also how it serves the local community. The Steering group, comprising representatives from the Petworth Business Association, Petworth Town Council, Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council, SDNPA, Petworth Community Association and Petworth House, was set up in 2013.

The group commissioned an independent consultant to produce a Petworth Town Centre Audit and CACI to produce a Petworth Market Summary. Following a consultation exercise and survey of residents, businesses and visitors to gain a cross-section of opinion, the information gathered and formulated into a draft set of recommendations shared with the community through open meetings and working groups.

These ideas were compiled into one single Petworth Vision document that sets out to shape the future of Petworth’s economic prospects, achieve physical improvements to the town, support local traders and improve the survival and profitability of its high street.


A great opportunity exists for Petworth to use it’s rich heritage and wonderful buildings to encourage visitors to enjoy the old town with a new experience. The hard part is respecting the old and yet still encouraging an attractive, modern interpretation. Getting this right will go a long way to giving Petworth a successful future.

These are some of the things we hope to achieve…

  • Establish a new attractive ‘gateway’ from the main car park to encourage visitors to explore the town
  • Consider potential new layout of spaces in the car park to create closer disabled and short-stay parking
  • Build new cycle racks between the car park and the Old Bakery to encourage cycling in the town.
  • Develop ideas for reclaiming for Market Square and Golden Square to address ‘the need to alter the ratio of pedestrians to car space’.
  • Make the town centre more ‘pedestrian friendly’ with the introduction of improved signage, noticeboards, speed reductions, rumble strips, bottlenecks and white lines
  • Reduce the number of HGVs passing through the centre of town by way of an ‘effective protocol’ between businesses and delivery companies.
  • A refurbishment of bollards and street furniture
  • Increased planting around the town of plantpots and hanging baskets
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Petworth Business Association was formed to support its members and promote Petworth to the rest of the world.

If you have a business in the Petworth area then you may consider joining the Petworth Business Association. Our aims are:

Mission Statement:

To foster, enable, and facilitate the success of businesses in the Petworth area.

The Association:

• Is the “go to” resource for businesses in the Petworth area.
• Promotes economic activity in the area.
• Delivers benefits that are relevant and valuable.
• Speaks with a strong collective voice and acts as a player in local and regional affairs.
• Keeps members informed of local matters.
• Is financially self-sustaining.
• Is a good and harmonious partner within the membership catchment area.

PBA currently holds regular network meetings and promotes the town and wider area as a visitor destination.

Find out how PBA membership can benefit your business by getting in touch with Harsha Desai at

For details of how to join and for further information on the Petworth Business Association, its activities and members email


Petworth Community Website is hosted and managed by the Petworth & District Community Association. It is a website for the people of Petworth to be controlled and created by the people of Petworth. We aim to be inclusive and provide all the local organisations, groups and activities with the opportunity to share information about their events and services.


The aim is to provide each member organisation with an editable web page that will outline what they do. It will also have a Google Apps facility to that will provide the ability for participating groups to:

  • have access to a shared centralised calendar
  • access a collaborative email system
  • access, edit and share online documents and spreadsheets
  • centralised contacts details and email distribution lists
  • utilise Google Maps
  • utilise Google custom site search
  • utilise Google web analytics
  • add dedicated video via YouTube
  • easy access via a personal account per group

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