Half Term at Petworth House & Park
to Oct 28

Half Term at Petworth House & Park

20 - 28 OCTOBER

11.30am - 1.30pm

Elizabeth Ilive's science experiment has gone horribly wrong and she needs your help.

She was trying to power machinery by catching lightning on a stormy night but the lightning crashed in to the Pet Graves and something not so cute and fluffy has woken up.

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Wood Engraving with Jonathan Gibbs at Moncrieff Bray Gallery
to Nov 3

Wood Engraving with Jonathan Gibbs at Moncrieff Bray Gallery


9.15am - 4.00pm

Jonathan Gibbs will present an introduction to wood engraving.  Lemonwood blocks and tools will be supplied, including, scorpers, spitstickers, gravers, burins and tint tools, with a demonstration of engraving methods and how to make a hand-burnished print

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Winter Exhibition 2018 at Moncrieff Bray Gallery
to Nov 25

Winter Exhibition 2018 at Moncrieff Bray Gallery


11.00am - 3.00pm Wed to Sat
11.00am to 1.30pm - Sunday

Private view on Sunday 4th November is from 11.00am to 3.00pm 

Our Winter Exhibition comprises a stunning collection of paintings, print-making, sculpture and ceramics. Highlights include Oona Campbell’s remarkable series of snow paintings created last winter.

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La Bayadère (ROH Live) plus The Sun is God
6:30 PM18:30

La Bayadère (ROH Live) plus The Sun is God

La Bayadère (ROH Live) plus The Sun is God


6.30pm - 10.20pm

6.30pm - The Sun is God7.15pm - La Bayadère
Please arrive by 6.15pm for the Sun is God

Pre Show Exclusive: The Sun is God6.30pm
We are delighted to offer this pre-show exclusive, recently filmed in Petworth Park.

The Sun is God is a story of love, loss and remembrance told through the poetic use of classical ballet. Francesca Hayward (The Royal Ballet) plays a woman who imagines her betrothed (Matthew Ball – The Royal Ballet) has returned from the horrors of The Great War in France. Set in and around the spectacular Petworth House in West Sussex, a painting by the great English Romanticist landscape painter JMW Turner ‘The Lake, Petworth, Sunset’ triggers memories of moments the couple have shared together, before the mist of the landscape slowly envelops Matthew and Francesca is left alone with only memories of their love.

With stirring choreography by Valentino Zucchetti (The Royal Ballet), the story is set to the moving masterpiece that is The 2nd Movement of Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Its title is taken from the dying words of the great artist, JMW Turner who’s life long quest was to depict the ephemeral nature of light on canvas. 2018 also marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and The Sun is God reminds us of the pain of loss felt by so many men and women of that generation, and the beauty of the land which so many gave their lives to protect for generations to come.


Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2018 – Official Selection

Screenings: Barcelona Choreoscope Film Festival 2018, IWM Film Festival 2018, Royal Opera House 11th November 2018, Petworth Film House 13th November 2018.


La Bayadère (ROH Live)7.15pm
Part of our 2018/19 Live Arts Series, streamed simultaneously from the ROH to our cinema screen and in full surround sound.

The Story
Nikiya, a temple dancer, is in love with the warrior Solor. The High Brahmin pursues Nikiya, and when she rejects him, he plans to take revenge on Solor.

The High Brahmin tells the Princess Gamzatti, Solor's fiancée, about Solor's secret affair with Nikiya. But Gamzatti does not want revenge on Solor, and instead arranges for Nikiya to be killed. As he celebrates his wedding to Gamzatti, Solor is haunted by Nikiya's shade. The gods are angered, and destroy the temple, killing everyone at the wedding. Finally, Solor and Nikiya are united in death.

An iconic 19th-century Russian ballet, La Bayadère was originally performed at the Bolshoi Theatre in St Petersburg in 1877, and was regularly performed within the former Soviet Union throughout the 20th century. It remained unknown in the West until the Kirov Ballet toured with the Kingdom of the Shades scene in 1961. Natalia Makarova saw La Bayadère as a child in Leningrad and created this production in 1980. It was first performed by The Royal Ballet in 1989.

The Kingdom of the Shades scene in Act III is one of the ballet's highlights, in which a series of arabesques across the moonlit stage demonstrates the strength of the corps de ballet and the beauty of Marius Petipa's choreography. The ballet also contains roles of very different styles for two ballerinas in Nikiya and Gamzatti, a spectacular virtuoso solo for the Bronze Idol, and stunning pas de deux for Solor with both Nikiya and Gamzatti.

Tickets £16 in advance

Visit https://www.universe.com/events/3JWGB5?embed=open&ref=universe_facebook_push&eventref=fb_oea for more information and to get tickets

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Petworth Christmas Lights and Live Window Competition
11:00 AM11:00

Petworth Christmas Lights and Live Window Competition

Petworth Christmas Lights and Live Window Competition


11.00am - 8.00pm

Petworth Town Council Christmas Lights Event Committee have joined forces with both St Mary’s Church, Petworth and the National Trust at Petworth House to present a spectacular Lantern Procession and Live Nativity to celebrate the switching on of Petworth Christmas Lights every December.

The fun starts at 11am and continues through the day with carol singers in Market Square and an amazing array of stalls and festive food and drink from local providers all day. There is a Santa’s Grotto and lots children’s activities available inside the Leconfield Hall all day.

The Lantern Procession, lead by St Mary’s Church Choir in full robes, will accompany the Holy Family, the Wise Men and the Shepherds complete with the donkey and goats (for sheep!) as they perform a live Nativity along the town’s streets from St Mary’s Church from 5pm. The procession travels down pretty cobbled Lombard Street and into the Market Square where the Christmas Tree lights will be switched on at 6.30pm by Lord Egremont followed by the Live Window Competition prizes and the Petworth Town Band leading us in Carols and music.

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8:00 PM20:00

Dad's Army Radio Hour


8.00pm - 9.30pm

Two actors play 25 characters in this brilliant staging of classic radio scripts based on favourite episodes from the original TV series. Celebrating 50 years of Perry and Croft’s quintessential sitcom, which won the ‘Best One-Liner’ accolade in a poll of comedians conducted earlier this year by Gold, with the immortal words “Don’t tell him, Pike”.

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Within the Golden Hour/New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui/Flight Pattern (ROH Live)
7:15 PM19:15

Within the Golden Hour/New Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui/Flight Pattern (ROH Live)

16 MAY

7.15pm - 10.30pm

The contemporary face of The Royal Ballet is shown in works from three of today's leading choreographers. Wheeldon's Within the Golden Hour is based around seven couples separating and intermingling, to music by Vivaldi and Bossi and lit with rich colours suggested by sunset.

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