Anna Shawcross Osteopathy

Anna is an experienced osteopath who graduated from the distinguished, British School of Osteopathy at London Bridge, in 2011. She is a great communicator and will set you at your ease throughout your appointment. She uses a variety of techniques for muscles and joints including massage, deep soft tissue, fascial release, functional active release, functional technique, articulation, manipulation and traction. Anna is compassionate about your wellbeing and will give you advice about how to keep your body healthy while navigating the trials that life brings. 
Osteopathy is a holistic form of diagnosis and treatment and is officially a complementary therapy in the UK. Osteopaths believe that the flow of blood and lymph are vitally important for health and to improve the flow of these, treatment to joints and muscles is necessary. Osteopaths may treat all areas of the body and commonly backs, necks, knees, hips and feet. It is suitable for all ages and for acute and chronic conditions. 

At your first appointment you will be asked many questions about your current complaint and your general health history. Next, an examination is performed and you will be asked to take some outer clothing off so that all areas of the body can be observed. After this your osteopath should be able to provide you with a diagnosis and then, with your consent, treatment will follow. 

Three to six weekly appointments are usual to obtain the desired results. Perhaps not as quick as drug therapy but with little or no detrimental effects and much longer lasting. (Some patients experience a treatment reaction which feels like a flare up of the symptoms for one or two days. This is usually due to an improvement in the blood, lymph and nerve supply which in term can bring more pain. However this subsides and you are left with improved health).

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