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Dr. Ruth Valerio - PACT

Dr. Ruth Valerio - PACT

12 MAY

Dr. Ruth Valerio from Chichester is one of the giants in the environmental movement in this country and she willshare her wisdom at Petworth Area Churches Together (PACT)  next public Meeting at St. Mary's Church, Petworth on Friday 12th May at 7.30pm.
Ruth will give her view on how the churchmight respond to climate change, fracking , conservation andthe natural world.

Title of her Talk is Hope in a Changing World.

Further details from or 01798 34215

If you don't know much about Ruth hereare some background details :

Ruth lives in Chichester with her husband, fairtrade jeweler Greg Valerio MBEand two teenage daughters. They live on a social housing estate and a lot of Ruth's adult life has been spent investing into that community, chairing the Community Association and being part of a group of residents who together have transformed the area into a lovely place to live.

Ruth's Christian faith and spirituality are central to her life, and from this bedrock comes a deep desire to work for social justice, equality and ecological flourishing.

Ruth is the Churches and Theology Director for A Rocha UK, a Christian charity that works for the protection and restoration of the natural world. Her goal is to see the culture of the UK Church change so that caring for God’s earth becomes an integrated part of church life, rather than an optional extra. To that end, she has spearheaded Eco Church, which helps churches do just that.

Academically, Ruth has a theology degree from Cambridge and an MA from the London School of Theology. Her doctoral studies were undertaken at Kings College London, giving her the opportunity to look at simplicity and consumerism and particularly at the relationship between Thomas Aquinas’ virtues of temperance and justice.

She has written extensively on justice, environment and lifestyle issues, as well as writing Bible study guides for Scripture Union and Crusade for World Revival (CWR). 

Ruth practices what she preaches, and over the years she has had a lot of fun with her family experimenting with ways of living as lightly as possible: producing their own meat through a pig cooperative; growing their own veg and supporting a local organic veg grower; installing solar panels; thinking through how they holiday, and reducing car usage, to name just some of the things they've done. 

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