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Wood Engravings by Anne Desmet and Friends

Wood Engravings by Anne Desmet and Friends

Now - 23 JUNE

10.00am - 4.30pm

For our spring / summer exhibition, we have invited the Royal Academician Anne Desmet to curate an intimate exhibition of contemporary wood engravings.

Anne Desmet is one of only three wood engravers to be elected to the Royal Academy in its nearly 250-year history. The show will feature the work by Desmet and five other artists; Neil Bousfield, Edwina Ellis, Peter Lawrence, Peter S Smith and Roy Willingham.

“What I hope to create is a sense of six mini solo exhibitions, each one bringing out some of the abiding threads in each artist's work." says Desmet.  "Although all of the artists regularly exhibit with the Society of Wood Engravers, none of the works shown here has ever previously been exhibited by the Society, so they should offer unseen delights to even the most assiduous devotee of wood engraving exhibitions. All the engravings shown will offer key insights into the ongoing, long-held interests of each engraver, and all are works that each artist considers seminal in their expansive oeuvre.” 

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