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Sculpture & Painting for Summer 2018


19 MAY- 17 JUNE

11.00am - 4.00pm (Check website for all other times)

Penny Hardy’s life size The Kiss is the perfect image to feature, as we open on the day of the Royal Wedding.  It seems to move in the wind although made entirely of recycled scrap metal.  Trudy Redfern, painter of the Queen’s horses, has sculpted a life-size driftwood horse after combing the beaches of Britain.  Jilly Sutton’s Architect, cast in verdigris bronze resin from the original wood assemblage, reflects the chaos and resolution associated with building projects. Interior pieces include Nicholas Lees’s sculptures made from hand thrown porcelain which is then turned on the wheel.  Their surfaces set up shimmering patterns of optical illusion.  Stuart Anderson works directly in clay from his subject, capturing the sheer joy of natural rhythms of line and form. Arabella Brooke represents women, challenging conventional ideas about female beauty and womanhood, and exploring identity and relationships. The artists on show are drawn from all corners of the British Isles.  Landscapes by Hannah Woodman and Gareth Edwards reflect the long traditions of Cornish landscape paintings. Kate Corbett-Winder’s work is rooted in the Welsh Marches merging abstraction with memory and observation.  Peter White’s monumental vessels painted in oil and wax media stir up associations of the archeology and landscape of the Far North West of Scotland.  Leonie Gibbs’s work explodes with colour, exploring the intensity of deep pure pigments.  While Russian artist, Svetlana Rumak conjures the lost innocence of her Ukranian childhood with her whimsical figures hovering between childhood and adolescence.