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Petworth Litter Picking Clean-Up Day

Petworth Litter Picking Clean-Up Day


10.00am - 6.00pm

Petworth Family Litter pick day: Saturday 30th June
Meet at the Council Offices at 10am.
Litter picks, gloves, jackets, black sacs will be provided. 
The main areas of litter picking will be the route for In Bloom judging. 

Judging route which is Market Square, Lombard Street, East Street, Angel Street, Sheepdown Drive, High Street, Rosemary Gardens, Pound Street, Tillington Road, Station Road, Martlet Road, Park Rise, Dawtrey Road, Wyndham Road and Petworth Primary School

The black sacs of rubbish will be collected by CDC from the Pound Street car park so all bags need to be brought back, all equipment returned etc…