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Notice of Two Public Consultation Sessions

Notice of Two Public Consultation Sessions


7.00pm - 8.00pm

Petworth Town Council has been asked to consider the feasibility of providing a suitably located youth shelter on Hampers Common for the use of young adults, this meeting provides residents an opportunity to have a say on this important local matter.

A request for a youth shelter was raised by residents concerned about teenagers using, and in some cases damaging, Hampers Common play park equipment, a facility provided by PTC for the use of children and toddlers.

In general, the provision of youth shelters is supported by the Police, Central Government and Chichester District Council who report positive outcomes after installing shelters in other towns and villages in the District.

A youth shelter is a sheltered place to sit and talk, it is designed to meet the social needs of young people. The roof provides shelter from the weather and most shelters have open or partially open sides to enable all round visibility, ‘natural policing’ and the safety for users.

The under 12's are generally well catered for in our community but currently the 12 to16 year old age group is not, a group of young people hanging out together is often regarded with suspicion and, rightly or wrongly, can intimidate people.
This is a community issue to solve and if no action is taken the inevitable result is that the behaviour which has prompted the idea of a youth shelter in the first place will continue; Petworth Town Council is not keen on the current 'do nothing' argument.

Petworth Town Council welcomes your input on the proposed Youth Shelter on Hampers Common.