Pulborough to Petworth

Main Walk: 15¼ to 18 km (9.5 to 11.2 miles). Up to four hours 40 minutes walking time. For the whole excursion including trains, buses, sights and meals, allow at least 11 hours.

Circular Walk, omitting Petworth Park: 23½ km (14.6 miles). Six hours 5 minutes walking time.

Long Circular Walk, including Petworth Park: 26½+ km (16.5+ miles). At least six hours 50 minutes walking time.

For a longer outing you can complete a Circular Walk back to Pulborough on a more southerly route between the A283 and the Rother valley, with views of the South Downs along the way. This is a mixed landscape of farmland and wooded commons, with Hesworth Common being particularly attractive. The route passes two fine old churches at Fittleworth and Stopham, and crosses back over the River Arun on the medieval Stopham Bridge. The final 4 km are the same as Extra Walk 39 (Amberley to Pulborough).

If you want to abandon this walk in the afternoon, the route is never far from the A283 and you could catch a bus from Byworth, Fittleworth or Stopham to Pulborough.