The Petworth Housekeepers Tour

Petworth House shaped Petworth town, which crowds against its high walls, and the labour of the townspeople kept the house and estate working for centuries. The legacy of the town’s service is all around. For many centuries virtually everyone in Petwort h depended on the Petworth House estate – known as the Leconfield Estate – for their livelihood. Many lived either in estate cottages in town or in the Servants’ Quarters, where you can see the 19th-century state-of-the-art kitchens at Petworth House. Let Mrs Cownley, Housekeeper at Petworth House for 25 years until 1933, help you discover the connections and contrasts between the great house and the town. She will lead you past the antique shops in cobbled L o m b a rd Street, to visit the Petworth Cottage Museum. You will find some of the finest estate cottages and follow the Round-the-Hills path for some unusual views over the working estate today

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