Ramsay Gibb Seascapes at Moncrieff Bray Gallery

Ramsay Gibb Seascapes 

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Thursday 24th November – Saturday 3rd December

Ramsay Gibb Seascapes

Ramsay Gibb paints majestic scenery with an underlying interest in the archaeology or ancient culture of a place.  This is an exhibition of recent work from the far North-West of Scotland, the Hebrides, Sutherland and Wester Ross. . Ramsay writes about this work; ‘these beaches are the edge of Europe and the ones that face the fullest force of the Atlantic. Here the mercurial light of the north, glancing on the sea or fleetingly held within a cresting wave, is the most transformative. These are places of beauty but also shocking power. For the last nine years Ramsay has been represented solely by The Francis Kyle Gallery in London’s West End.  Following its closure we are very lucky to be able to show his work.

And new work by gallery favourites: Lucy Powell, Stephen Palmer, Catherine Forshall, Jackie Philip, Sandra Whitmore and Sarah Warley-Cummings

Open Wed- Sat11am to 4pm or by appointment to Christmas Eve.

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