Petworth In Bloom Result - Silver Gilt

PIB Result - Silver Gilt!!!

The Gardeners Club are pleased to announce that we achieved another SILVER GILT medal at the 2019 SSEIB competition. 

That is a super result and we are all very proud of our amazing team of organisers and volunteer gardeners and watering roster crew: thank-you all once again.

See attached photo of the proud winners receiving their certificate; Jean, Ricia, Lorraine and Chris were in attendance.

As the judges said in the marking notes, Petworth has stepped up in 2019.

Points scored: 79 out of 100 (Silver Gilt range = 75 to 84).

Last year we scored 153 out of 200 (or 76.5 out of 100) so definite improvement, there was 1 different judge this year so different views and interpretations on scoring of course to be expected.

So with the judges feedback we shall now plan next years' entry earlier with better organisation and admin.  Please get in touch if you are interested in helping out on the organisation and/or gardening side.