Pilates Fitness West Sussex

Julie Regan has over 20 years experience in the field of Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing, with clients including Bryan Ferry.

Her goal is to help people to transform their lives into being the best person they can be. Whether you need help to lose weight, realign your posture to get rid of stiffness and feel younger, gain more confidence or simply get more energy.

Local Pilates classes work on getting rid of back-ache and shoulder pains and re-balancing tight sore muscles.

Regan Method Bootcamps have helped scores of people to lose weight, gain more confidence and boost energy levels. It’s not uncommon to lose a dress size (or more) within the timeframe of a single 4-week bootcamp.

Julie also holds Seminars and Workshops giving advice on the best nutrition to boost your metabolism and show easy ways to plan your life, change your mindset and to lose negativity.


Tel: 07973 293585
Email: julieregan1@btinternet.com