Sofas and Stuff

Sofas and Stuff


At Sofas & Stuff, we're proud to support British manufacturing by providing our customers with handmade sofas. We make the majority of our sofas, beds and mattresses to order and by hand, in our workshops in Nottingham and Preston. 

We exert such quality control we're able to offer a lifetime guarantee on every model. Whether you are looking for luxurious classics with a twist or clean contemporary design, at Sofas & Stuff we cover the whole spectrum from traditional to modern. Choose anything from sink-in soft comfort to neat and tidy, all in a selection of fabrics that will make your mouth water.

We offer a wide range of fabrics as standard – and we’ll post you up to eight samples within 48 hours. We offer yet more colours and designs in the stack of designer sample books we keep in all our showrooms. Or we can cover your handcrafted sofa or bed in your own fabric, if you prefer.

If you’d like to pay for British craftsmanship, not unnecessary overheads, pop into our showroom 2 miles from Petworth; at Sofas & Stuff we offer extraordinary value for money.


Address:  The Dairy, Tripp Hill Farm Buildings, Fittleworth, West Sussex RH20 1ER

Tel: 01798 300353
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